• Trailers Galore!

    I went back and dug up a handful of old (and new) trailers and videos. Check out the new “Video” section in my portfolio.

  • Nightmarchers is Public

    This is a first look at the latest game we’re working on at Wyrmbyte. You play a survivor on a devastated Oahu, gaining mythological powers and advanced weaponry to take back the island from evil forces.

    Just a small team trying to make something epic. It’s pretty. 

    The game is on Brightlocker, where you can help contribute to the game and get an inside look at the development: https://www.brightlocker.com/games/nightmarchers

  • Up and Running

    I’m getting my new site up and running. It will take me a little while to get all the images sorted. I’m going to upload just about everything I have. Hopefully I can organize it in such a way that it’s enjoyable to thumb through the images without being overwhelmed. Wish me luck!